Fenway Studios, Mass. Historical Collaborate on Art Show

The Fenway Studios and the Massachusetts Historical Society (MHS) are but a few minutes’ walk from one another, but in more than 100 years of history, they’ve never combined forces.

That is all about to change this month as the two vaunted Fenway organizations have brought their talents together for an art show entitled, ‘Fenway Connections:  An exhibit by MHS and Fenway Studios.’ The opening reception will take place at MHS today, Thursday, Oct. 3., from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

“It’s the first time we’ve ever collaborated on an event,” said Lynda McNally, founding president, Friends of Fenway Studios. “It really is going to be beautiful. It has taken us 114 years to collaborate, but we couldn’t be happier that this is occurring now. It is going to be beautiful.”

The show will feature 27 current Fenway Studios artist showcasing their works on the walls of the MHS, and that will be interspersed with works from the collection of MHS. Some of those older works, McNally said, are actually by artists from Fenway Studios who were active more than 100 years ago.

McNally has been working closely with Gavin Kleepsies of MHS, who helped her to bring the show together. Additionally, they have also formed a partnership whereby the founding documents and meeting minutes from Fenway Studios will be turned over to MHS for preservation. The show is one that is going to be highly anticipated and a fine mix of old and new.

“You’ll see literally a collage of painting that will look stunning, but couldn’t be more different,” said McNally. “They are all different mediums…It will be quite special.”

The show will remain through October at MHS, located on Boylston Street.

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