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From the Nov. 26 Boston Landmarks Commission meeting, City Hall Rm. 900, 4 p.m.:

•Boston Public Library, 700 Boylston Street: Re-paint plaster walls and woodwork at current Tea Room (former Boylston Street Driveway/Periodical Room).

•Christian Science Center Complex, 175-235 Huntington Ave.: Installation of five safety bollards at top of spiral ramp at garage exit.

•Christian Science Center Complex, 250 Massachusetts Ave.: Complete final phases of restoration work at church dome, drum and cupola; and portico and west façade.

From the 10 a.m. Dec. 2 CITY COUNCIL COMMITTEE ON WAYS AND MEANS HEARING: A hearing regarding classification and the residential exemption for Fiscal Year 2020. The Chair of the Committee and Sponsor of the Docket is Councilor Ciommo. (Preparing to set the tax rate).

From the Dec. 3 Zoning Board of Appeals hearing, City Hall Rm. 801, 9:30 a.m.:

•121 Saint Stephen St., South End. Applicant: Timothy Burke

Purpose: Foundation & Structural repairs as per Structural Engineers plans, Pointing & Repairs to Exterior Masonry, New Roof, Upgrade Electrical & Plumbing systems to code, Sprinkler System, Fire & Security System, Insulation, Sheetrock, Carpentry, Upgrade Kitchens/Bathrooms per Architects plans, Painting.

•411 Shawmut Ave., South End. Applicant: Adam Grassi

Add new roof deck w/spiral staircase, frame new skylight openings, replace roofing and renovated bathroom.

•131 Appleton St., South End. Applicant: Lan Ho

Original two apartments and two stores on the ground floor. Ground floor was previously two commercial uses. The ground floor was altered prior to purchase to accommodate three commercial uses. These uses are a hair salon, attorney office and art gallery. No changes to exterior elevation. change occupancy to include a third commercial space.

•32 Appleton St., South End. Applicant: Eric Seitz

Add rear balcony and roof deck – to amend permit.

From the Dec. 3 Josiah Quincy Upper School Building Committee, 26 Court St., 3 p.m.

This meeting is to review and take a vote to approve the Preliminary Design Program (PDP) in accordance with the Massachusetts School Building Authority school construction process.

City of Boston’s Architect, HMFH will present the PDP for the Future Josiah Quincy Upper School. Following the presentation the School Building Committee will then vote to Approve and Authorize the City’s Owners Project Manager to submit the PDP to the MSBA

From the Dec. 3 South End Landmarks Commission hearing, City Hall Piemonte Room, 5:30 p.m.:


•44 Dartmouth St. (Continued from 11/05/2019 Public Hearing). Reconstruct a roof deck with railings visible from a public way.

•25 Milford St. Replace historic double-leaf entry doors in kind.

•198 West Springfield St. #4. Modify the roof deck to comply with SELDC Standards and Criteria.

•96 Chandler St.  Reconstruct a roof deck visible from a public way.

•2 Clarendon St. At the Montgomery Street elevation, install a gutter, splashguards, and downspout

•29 Upton St. #3. Construct a roof deck.

•143-145 Warren Ave. At the mansard level, construct two new dormers, one at each facade; modify the openings at the existing dormers and replace windows.

•48 Union PK. At the stoop, install a decorative metal handrail.

•123 Appleton St. At the Appleton Street facade, enlarge an existing masonry opening and install new windows; replace awnings; replace  and install new wall sconces; paint the Dartmouth Street sign band and return install new graphics and replace gooseneck style light fixtures; install moveable flower boxes and planters.

•45 West Newton St. At the roof level of a rear addition, construct a deck.

•169 Warren Ave. Erect a roof deck, visible from a public way.

•686 Massachusetts Ave. At the roof, remove a head house and install a hatch and condenser units. At the front façade parlor and garden levels, remove conduits and install Fire Department beacon in flush box.

•180 West Canton St. At the roof level, remove a rear chimney.

•65-109 Camden St. Replace Aeriata-style light pole in kind with attached small cell node equipment and antennae.

•1144-1146 Washington St. Replace double-acorn light pole in kind with attached small cell node equipment and antennae.

•156 Worcester St. Rebuild a roof deck, visible from a public way.

•1 Appleton St./ 439-441 Tremont St. At the Appleton Street storefront install new signage, new planters, seating, and umbrellas associated with a sidewalk café; modify the main entry and paint metal doors and trim.

•1313 Washington St. At the Washington Street facade, replace resident garage doors; at the Waltham Street facade, replace service garage door.

•32 Appleton St. Replace historic windows at the front façade.

•62-64 Rutland St. Replace historic entry doors in kind.

•79 Rutland St. Replace historic entry doors in kind.

•85 West Newton St.(Continued) Demolish the existing former church and parish house (Villa Victoria Center for the Arts/ IBA Preschool).


•40 East Berkeley Street. Proposed Work: Construct a roof deck

•115 Worcester Street. Proposed Work: Construct a new building.

From the Dec. 5 Back Bay Architectural Subcommittee, City Hall Rm. 709, 10 a.m.:

•A sub-committee of the Commission will hold a public meeting to continue its discussion with Back Bay stakeholders regarding signage guidelines in the Commercial area of the Back Bay Architectural District.

From the Dec. 5 Back Bay Tree Removal Hearing, 1010 Mass. Ave., 10 a.m.:

The request is for the removal of five honey locust trees each measuring from 5 to 7 inches dbh (diameter at breast height) as part of the proposed Parcel 12 air rights project over the Massachusetts Turnpike and MBTA rail lines comprising most of a city block bounded by Boylston Street, Massachusetts Avenue, and Newbury Street. 

A final decision regarding the request will be made within two weeks of the hearing.  

From the Dec. 5 Fenway Tree Removal Hearing, 1010 Mass. Ave., 10:40 a.m.:

•The request is for the removal of one ornamental cherry tree measuring 7 inches dbh (diameter at breast height) due to a proposed tree relocation as part of a pedestrian easement plan for the Fenway Theater Project at 175 Ipswich Street in the Fenway. A final decision regarding the request will be made within two weeks of the hearing.  

A Dec. 5, 12:30 p.m., CITY COUNCIL COMMITTEE ON GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS WORKING SESSION. A working session regarding a home rule petition authorizing the City of Boston to establish an investor and commercial properties transfer fee. The Chair of the Committee is Councilor Flaherty. The sponsors of the docket are Councilors Edwards and Janey.

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