For the Record

From the Jan. 14 Zoning Board of Appeals hearing, City Hall Rm. 801, 9:30 a.m.:

•165 West Canton St., South End. Applicant: 165 WC, LLC

Purpose: Remodel existing single family dwelling. All new MEP'S.

•165 West Newton St., South End. Applicant: Michael Resteghini

Purpose: Whole house interior renovation with rear wall window and door recon-figuration. All new finishes throughout except top floor.

•615 Massachusetts Ave., South End. Applicant: Andrew Babbin

Purpose: Construct a new Roof Deck with skylights. Install a new roof.

•296 Columbus Ave. Applicant: Jeremy Ko

Purpose: To change occupancy from 4 units to 5 units by adding studio apart-ment on basement level. The work involves adding a bathroom, kitchen, com-mon wall, and apartment entrance door. The existing basement level is finished space with laundry from gut rehab 35 years ago.

From the Jan. 14 Bay Village Historic District Commission, City Hall Rm. 709, 4 p.m.:


From the Jan. 14 Boston Landmarks Commission, City Hall Rm. 900, 6 p.m.:

•1003-1013 Harrison Avenue: Proposed demolition of existing 20th-Century warehouse buildings located within the Eustis Street Protection Area. For new Benjamin Franklin Institute.

•Discussion of 2020 Work Plan.

From the Jan. 16 Boston Groundwater Trust meeting, Lenox Hotel, 710 Boylston St., 3 p.m.:

•Adoption of Minutes from November 12th Meeting – :05 VOTE REQUIRED

•Financial Report and New Treasurer- :10 VOTE REQUIRED

•Distribution and Review of Annual Report- : 10

•Discussion of the presentation made to the Board in November on Wood Piles and Sea Level Rise- :15

•Executive Director presentation on proposed changes to Article 32 (Ground-water Conservation Overlay District) zoning – :30

•Executive Director’s Report – :10

•Other Business – :10


Since taking office in 2014, Mayor Walsh has made fixing quality of life issues a priority in his administration. From investing in Public Works to making sure community policing is a staple in every neighborhood, we are making sure every neighborhood is clean, safe and a great place to live and work in. Unfortunately some properties in Boston need more help than others, and that’s why we are here. If you know of a property that fits one of the following criteria: multiple calls to 911, one that’s blighted or just a general concern, we encourage you to reach out to your neighborhood liaison.

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