South End Historical Society gets $100K grant

The South End Historical Society is pleased to report that Mayor Marty Walsh’s office has announced the award of a $100,000 grant to the Society from the City of Boston’s Community Preservation Program. 
The grant application was jointly supported by the three City Councilors who represent the South End: Kim Janey (7), in whose district the building is located, Ed Flynn (2), and Frank Baker (3).
The grant will aid the Society in restoration and preservation of its historic 1858 headquarters building, known as the Francis Dane House, at 532 Massachusetts Ave. on Chester Square in the South End.
Paul Wright, a Society Board member, said: “This is a major investment in the preservation of the historic fabric of our neighborhood and our city. The built environment helps locate us in time and space, telling us where we have been and where we are going.  We are grateful to the City and the Community Preservation Program.”
The Community Preservation Program is financed by an annual surcharge on Boston’s property tax, supplemented with State funds.  It is directed by Christine Poff and is intended to support not only historic preservation but also affordable housing and parks and open space.
Founded in 1966, the South End Historical Society’s mission and purpose is to collect, preserve and promulgate the physical, social, cultural, and intellectual history of the South End of Boston—the largest extant area of Victorian rowhouses in the country.

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