Final Ink Block building begins on Albany Street corner

The long-awaited “fill out” of the Ink Block development has started construction this month on the corner of Albany and Herald streets – a corner that the developer said would be activated with residents and replace the freeway feel that dominates that bit of urban no-man’s land.
Ted Tye of National Development said that 7INK has begun and that the work so far has included moving utilities from the site, and driving piles into the ground. Both activities are expected to be completed by the end of March.
That will feed into building the foundation for the structure, and then starting construction on the tower.
The building is slated to be the first co-living space in Boston and will be 14-stories tall. Co-living is a blend of smaller living units and more generous community and amenity spaces. It’s meant to spark community engagement and social activity within the building. It also offers a roommate-matching service, or single-occupancy units as well.
Tye said it is to be completed in 2021.
•Meanwhile, the former Speakeasy at Ink Block has gotten a re-start as a taquiera, and it appears the new venture is getting rave reviews.
Yellow Door even has lines waiting to get in at times, Tye said.
•In an unrelated development, but next door to Ink Block, the Area 4 pizza restaurant in The Troy appears as though it will be transitioning to something else. The ownership of the restaurant sold their liquor license recently, and had the transfer approved by the License Board late last month.
There was no work what might be replacing it, but the spot was on a tough corner with little parking and fast-moving traffic.

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