St. Botolph Neighborhood Association Completes Election Amidst COVID-19

Scott Mustard has done yeoman’s work at the St. Botolph Neighborhood Association over the past year holding down the Association nearly by himself, and just as reinforcement arrived, COVID-19 put a damper on the situation.

Mustard has been the president of St. Botolph for quite some time, and was ready to pass on the duties on during this year’s Annual Meeting. However, the meeting had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 response. It left everyone a little down, but using technology – the elections went on.

Mustard was able to rally the group to participate in elections via e-mail and U.S. Mail, bringing in a new president and board as of April 1.

Mustard will continue to serve as a board member with all of the new officers, and the Association will ratify the election as soon as it can hold in-person meetings again.

Elected president was Joan Carragher, who has lived on West Newton Street for the last four years with her husband, Mike. She was introduced to the Association at a BBQ last summer and started volunteering more and more. She has worked in marketing, custom interiors and is a Wine Associate at Eataly.

Other officers include:

•Gisela Griffith, vice president, St. Botolph St.

•Lorraine Steele, treasurer, Durham St.

•Kathie Enright, clerk, West Newton St.

•Claire Dargan, board member

•Adel Labib, board member, St. Botolph St.

•Scott Mustard, board/past president, Durham St.

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