Huntington Wine & Spirits’s Guide to “Great Values”

With businesses slowing down across the city as many people remain inside their homes to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Huntington Wine & Spirits owner Steven Rubin has offered some value beverage options.

Huntington Wine & Spirits is still offering delivery Monday through Saturday from 12-6pm with a minimum purchase of $35, and curbside pickup is also available. Rubin continues to run his special of 20 percent off of any six bottles of wine storewide, excluding sale items.

For current values in the beverage industry, Rubin provided some suggestions in all categories of beer, wine, and spirits.


“Some of the best wine values in the world right now are from Argentine, Chile, Spain, and Portugal,” Rubin said. “There’s nothing like a great Malbec from the Mendoza Valley, anywhere from $9-$15.”

He also said a Rioja wine would run anywhere from $11 to $15, and a Chilean cabernet, pinot noir, or carmenere “are still great values anywhere from $7-$12.” Additionally, Portuguese reds offer “quality and value” for $8-$12, and Italian wines run in the $15 range.

Boxed wine is another affordable option, and Rubin recommended Bota Box, which will give you three liters of wine in the $20 range, and come in many varieties.

“Sparkling wines are still the best value in the world,” Rubin said, adding that any sparking wine produced in France right next to the champagne region will offer the same quality for a lower price ranging from $10-$15.

“Keep in mind we’re almost into rosé season,” Rubin said. “There’s nothing like a nice, dry French rosé for flavor and a food friendly wine.”

Hard Seltzer and Beer

“As we all know, seltzers are one of the most popular beverages right now,” Rubin said, “and they are reasonably priced for a 12 pack averaging $15-$17.” He said that best sellers include White Claw, Truly, and Bud Light.

He said that while the store does offer some values on beer, many craft beers are still on the more expensive side.

Pabst Blue Ribbon can be found at Huntington Wine & Spirits in a 16 pack of 16 oz. cans for $8. Yuengling, Stella Artois, and Naragansett are all good value options as well, Rubin added.

He said that 18 packs are still popular, including Natural Light, Natural Ice, and Rolling Rock.


Rubin said that O’Mara’s Irish Country Cream is a good choice, running in the $15-$17 range. For rums, Rubin suggested Ron Roberto, which is $19.99 for all flavors in a 1.75 liter bottle, and Ron Virgin, which is around $10 for a 750ml bottle.

For tequila, Rubin said that one of the best values include Camarena and Lunazul, averaging around $28. As for vodkas, Rubin said that Svekda and Burnett’s run about $11 for a 750ml bottle.

Rubin also said that Bourbon remains popular, and rye and Canadian whiskeys are “expected to be more popular this year,” due to their affordability and value.

“The cocktail craze is back,” Rubin added. He said to keep in mind bitters and Aperol, as those are popular to mix with liquors for cocktails.

“Support your Boston stores,” Rubin said, as many remain open and are looking for business. “There is plenty of parking, and many are offering curbside delivery.

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