Ducklings Statues Wearing Black Lives Matter Sweaters

Throughout the seasons, the Make Way for Ducklings statues in the Boston Public Garden have donned outfits ranging from winter hats to bunny ears, but most recently, the Mama duck, Mrs. Mallard, was photographed wearing a Black Lives Matter sweater following protests across the country against racism and police brutality.

MassLive reported on June 11 that the duck was wearing the sweater, and that it was originally seen on Instagram a few days prior.

The article also states that a post on Instagram revealed that signs with ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘End Police Brutality’ were seen in front of the statue.

Liz Vizza, Executive Director of the Friends of the Public Garden, told the Sun that “the best part about the Ducklings’ outfits is that it’s a mystery who does them. Through all these years, we actually don’t know who it is,” she said, adding that it’s “kind of nice having something in life that is mysterious.”

On June 14, several people posted a photo of the statue on Instagram with the ducklings decked out in rainbow scarves to celebrate Pride month.      

¡°No matter the season or the spirit, the Duckling outfits always speak to our immediate moment in time,” Vizza said. “It¡¯s wonderful to see them make way for the Black Lives Matter movement, particularly in this public space that may not always feel welcoming to people of color. That¡¯s something we¡¯re reckoning with and committed to changing.”

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