At Last, Spring Has Sprung

Spring officially may have arrived on March 21, but the past month has been anything but spring-like.

For those of us who live along the Massachusetts coastline, this is nothing new of course. The prevailing, on-shore sea breezes at this time of year transport air from the ocean that still is in the low 40s. So on days when the temperature may be in the 60s in central Mass., we’re at least 10 degrees cooler, with a wind-chill factor that makes it feel 10 degrees cooler than that.

In other words, the 60s elsewhere feel like the 40s for us.

But this week finally brought a measure of spring, not only because of the warmth, but because of the daffodils, forsythia, and flowering trees that signal the end of winter and the promise of nicer days ahead.

With the coronavirus pandemic hopefully coming to an end, the arrival of spring is coming none too soon.

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