City Making Preparations to Begin Tremont St. Redesign Project

Don’t be surprised if you see minor activity on Tremon Street between Massachusetts Avenue and Herald Street in the South End this season as the city makes preparations to begin construction on the street’s long-anticipated redesign.

The Public Works Department has contracted with D’Allessandro Corporation to build changes on Tremont Street, according to the city, and is working now to finalize details of the construction period.

According to the city, accessible ramps at all intersections; raised crosswalks at unsignalized intersections along Tremont Street, including new drainage where needed; replaced brick sidewalks in the work area; pedestrian protection islands at crosswalks over Tremont Street; new curb regulations that provide more commercial and short-term access during the day; parking-protected bike lanes; and  a complete repaving of the street South End residents can expect from the project are among the benefits that South End residents can expect from the project.

“As work begins, we will provide updates as often as we are able,” according to the city’s website. “The contractor is aware that coordination with local businesses and residents is necessary. We will also work with the MBTA and BPS transportation to ensure everyone on buses can still travel safely during construction. We hope to minimize disruption as much as possible.’

Bostonians had identified the Tremont Street redesign project as a priority project for the city’s Go Boston 2030 process, which aims to create more equitable travel options for residents citywide.

Tremont Street is in the top 3 percent for pedestrian crashes on city-owned streets, according to the city, and two people lost their lives while attempting to cross Tremont Street at one of the many four-lane crosswalks in recent years. The city’s data show that 53 crashes resulted in an EMS response in the last three years, including 19 incidents involving pedestrians.

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