Rooted in Roxbury Offers Pop Up Shops for Local, BIPOC Businesses at Their Downtown Cannabis Retail Locations

Community-conscious cannabis business Rooted in Roxbury announced its plans to incorporate locally owned businesses into their proposal at 13-15 West St. Rooted is seeking to open a recreational cannabis dispensary in Downtown Crossing. 

“Our entire business model is based on leveraging the cannabis industry to support our neighbors and especially people of color,” said Joanne Keith, Co-Owner of Rooted in Roxbury. “We are providing an opportunity to diverse small and local businesses, which might otherwise not have an opportunity to be located in the heart of Boston’s shopping district.”

Rooted in Roxbury is a locally owned, Boston Equity business with an equity investment model providing communities of color access to the emerging cannabis industry through shares that cost as little as $1,200. Investors are 99% people of color, 51% female, and 100% Boston residents. Its ownership team, Brian and Joanne Keith and Solmon and Rokeya Chowdhury, bring over 20 years of combined experience as small business owners and 30 combined years as community advocates. Their proposal for 13-15 West St has received over 100 signatures of support from the community at large. 

As both a local and a minority-owned business Rooted In understands how costly a location in Boston’s shopping districts are, 331 Newbury Street along with 13-15 West Street will serve as an opportunity for other local businesses that can’t afford retail space in these districts. It will provide a chance for them to engage with new customers as well as provide much-needed retail diversity in our city. 

Rooted in Roxbury will present their plans for 13-15 West St to the Boston Cannabis Board on December 8.

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