City Accepting Written Comments Regarding Fenway Park Concerts

The Mayor’s Office of Consumer Affairs and Licensing has extended the deadline for written comments regarding the 16 proposed shows at Fenway Park this summer. The new deadline is Friday, February 4.

The Red Sox have asked for twelve new concerts in addition to four that were postponed due to the pandemic, for a total of 16 shows.

The shows will be between the hours of 5:00pm and 10:30pm on the following tentative dates that are subject to change:

• June 7-8

• June 10

• July 1-2

• July 14-16

• August 5-6—rescheduled Def Leppard/Motley Crue concert

• August 7

• August 18-20

• September 8—rescheduled Aerosmith concert

• September 10—Red Hot Chili Peppers

Written comments can be sent to:

Kathleen Joyce, Esq., Executive Director

Mayor’s Office of Consumer Affairs and Licensing

Room 809, Boston City Hall, Boston, MA 02201

Phone: (617) 635-4165

Email: [email protected]

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