Haley House Gears up for 14th Annual Souper Bowl Fundraiser

Haley House is gearing up for its 14th annual Souper Bowl fundraiser, which will take place on Feb. 20 as a hybrid event.

Proceeds from the event go towards the nonprofit’s food and meals program, as well as general programming like Haley House’s urban farm and community garden in Roxbury, as well as cooking classes for youth and families.

Haley House was founded in the South End in 1966 as a “house of hospitality,” said Grace McEnery, Haley House’s Outreach & Development Manager, and currently operates six days a week at 23 Dartmouth St., providing nutritious meals around breakfast time and a lunch on Sundays, as well as offers housing and other resources to the community. In 2005, Haley House Bakery Cafe was opened in Nubian Square.

McEnery said that said prior to the pandemic, the event took place at Haley House’s Nubian Square location, where people would receive a handmade ceramic bowl made as part of MassArt’s Clay for Change program and get to sample homemade soups.

“We are still partnering with MassArt,” McEnery said of this year’s fundraiser, but instead of an in-person event, ticket holders will be able to pick up a “Souper Bowl bundle” at 12 Dade St. in Roxbury this Sunday, which includes a handmade ceramic bowl, a quart of homemade soup from one of six local chef partners, and fresh bread from Iggy’s Bread.

“We did a similar model last year,” McEnery said, adding that it “worked well.”

A regular Supporter ticket is $50 and includes the bowl, a quart of soup, and the bread, and a Souper Supporter ticket is $75 and includes a Haley House tote bag and a package of homemade chocolate chip cookies as well.

McEnery said that last year, the event raised between $12,000 and $15,000.

This year, there are six local chefs preparing six different soups for donors to choose from. Comfort Kitchen—which is opening soon in Dorchester—is preparing a Squash, Pork Belly, and Swiss Cheese soup, Fresh Food Generation is making a Cachupa Rica, Future Chef is preparing a Seafood Chowder, Haley House is making a Filipino Beef Shank Soup, Mei Mei is making a Coconut Curry Borscht, and The Food Project is preparing a Vegetable Congee.

McEnery said that many ingredients in these soups are locally sourced, including the fish for the seafood chowder, which is coming from Red’s Best, and the sour cream for topping the coconut curry borscht, which is coming from Cabot Creamery.

“We’re super excited about the chef partners,” McEnery said, as well as about MassArt’s continued partnership for the fundraiser. She said these things are “what makes it such a high quality event.” She also expressed gratitude for the sponsors of the event, the Office of City and Community Engagement at Northeastern University, and the Office of City and Community Relations at UMass Boston.

Souper Bowl tickets can be purchased at haley-house.myshopify.com, and pickup will be Feb. 20 at 12 Dade St. in Nubian Square. For more information about Haley House and its programming and resources, visit haleyhouse.org.

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