BVHDC Approves Blade Sign for Charles St. Dental

The Bay Village Historic District Commission (BVHDC) on July 12 approved the rest of the signage for Charles St. Dental, to be located at 121 Charles St. South.

The applicant came before the Commission last month with a proposal for a wall sign and a blade sign for the dental office. The Commission praised the design for the wall sign, but had some concerns about the proposed blade sign and wanted to see it better match the wall sign.

The applicant returned this month with a different option for the blade sign. “I believe this is more in keeping with the approved wall sign,” said Joe Cornish, Director of Design Review for the Boston Landmarks Commission.

“We’re really happy with how it came out,” said applicant Daniel Kim. The new sign is in the same font as the previously proposed sign, but it is now bolder and abbreviates “Street” to “St.”

Commissioner Ruth Knopf said that the new sign “seems more condensed and more readable.”

Commissioner Steve Dunwell agreed, saying he believes it’s easier to read from farther away.  “The ‘Dental’ word is more prominent,” he said.

The Commission was pleased with the new blade sign and voted to approve it.

Review of Revisedregulatory Standards

Cornish also reported that he is still working on getting the legislation amended that created the ordinance to establish the BVHDC so the Commission’s purview can be expanded. Revisions to the regulatory standards would allow the Commission to review paint color on wood and metal, which is currently outside of its jurisdiction, and the Commission would also be allowed to review rear elevations and all other elevations that are visible from a public way. Additionally, these revisions would allow the Commission to review entryway lighting as well. The Commission went over some minor language changes to the proposal at this hearing, and at a future hearing public comment will be taken on these revised regulatory standards as well.

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