Back Bay Architectural Commission To Meet Virtually Wednesday, April 12

The commission will hold its next public hearing virtually on Wednesday, April 12, 2023, at 5 p.m.

Please note: This hearing will be held virtually and not in person. To participate, please go to our Zoom meeting link or call 301-715-8592 and enter meeting ID 919 0988 6256 #. You can also email comments through email at [email protected]

Public testimony begins at 5:00pm

Discussion Topics

​1​) Design Review – 5:00pm

23.0750 BB 216 Newbury Street: At rear elevation create masonry opening and install a six (6”) inch by eight (8”) inch diffuser vent.

23.0744 BB 44-46 Newbury Street: At Newbury Street Façade redesign entrance. Work includes installing granite ramp and entry steps, converting existing window into an entry door with sidelights, replacing a set of entry doors with single door with sidelights, and adding plaque with address.

23.0794 BB 581 Boylston Street: At front façade renovate existing storefront.

23.0605 BB 349 Marlborough Street: Continued from 3-8-2023 At rear yard remove dead Ailanthus tree.

23.0793 BB 302 Beacon Street: Amend application 23.0640 BB approved on 3-8-2023 to relocate existing door surround at lower entry to approved upper entry door.

23.0330 BB 362 Commonwealth Avenue: At roof replace existing roof deck.

23.0798 BB 14 Hereford Street: At side (north) elevation remove unapproved vents and repair masonry; and install exhaust vent at rear (east) elevation.

23.0702 BB 251 Commonwealth Avenue: Install new rubber roof and new copper gutters and downspouts; wood window replacement in-kind including curved sash at front and rear bays; masonry re-pointing; removal of rear fire escape; new brick paving at front entry and rear yard; new courtyard masonry garden walls; install low profile pyramidal skylight, copper clad elevator override and roof top air conditioning condensers.

​2​) Administrative Review/Approval

23.0697 BB 19 Arlington Street: Repair existing fire escapes at rear and side elevations.

23.0800 BB 122 Beacon Street: Re-landscape front garden.

23.0787 BB 128 Beacon Street: At rear elevation replace deteriorated copper cladding at bay window in-kind.

23.0797 BB 160 Beacon Street: At front façade, repaint door, window trim and metal railings, and repair masonry.

23.0796 BB 177 Beacon Street: At rear elevation replace non-historic metal fencing with wood fencing.

23.0694 BB 274 Beacon Street: At roof complete temporary repairs to north chimney to stop active water entry into building.

23.0738 BB 289 Beacon Street: At front façade repair and re-point masonry.

23.0746 BB 370 Beacon Street: Re-point masonry.

23.0813 BB 461 Beacon Street: At front garden remove dead Cherry tree and plant a Rutgers Dogwood tree as recommended by Garden Club of the Back Bay.

23.0718 BB 565 Boylston Street: At rear elevation lower roof replace black rubber membrane roof in-kind.

23.0805 BB 44 Commonwealth Avenue: At rear elevation replace rooftop exhaust vent at rear elevation.

23.0510 BB 160 Commonwealth Avenue: At rear elevation add three sets of window grates to lower level windows.

23.0785 BB 192 Commonwealth Avenue: Modify previously approved roof deck modifications including eliminating a portion of the deck area.

23.0788 BB 239 Commonwealth Avenue: Replace seven one-over-one windows in-kind.

23.0818 BB 287 Commonwealth Avenue: At rear elevation install window grates at lower level windows.

23.0747 BB 290 Commonwealth Avenue: At roof remove roof deck and replace black rubber membrane roof in-kind.

23.0780 BB 347 Commonwealth Avenue: At façade façade repair and re-point masonry, replace copper gutter in-kind, repaint ironwork, and re-glaze and repaint windows.

23.0782 BB 374 Commonwealth Avenue: Roof replacement including new membrane roof, new copper gutters and downspouts, new copper cladding at headhouse, replacement of skylights, and replacement of access door.

23.0748 BB 390 Commonwealth Avenue: Roof and masonry repairs to address water infiltration into building.

23.0742 BB 409 Commonwealth Avenue: At rear elevation replace three second-story one-over-one non-historic wood windows in-kind.

23.0701 BB 283 Dartmouth Street: At rear elevation re-point and repair masonry, and replace missing roof slate in-kind.

23.0795 BB 140 Marlborough Street: At front façade repair entry steps.

23.0734 BB 256 Marlborough Street: At front façade re-point masonry.

23.0791 BB 2 Newbury Street: At front façade and side elevation renovate existing storefronts and replace signage.

23.0706 BB 108 Newbury Street: At front façade install wall sign.

23.0809 BB 135 Newbury Street: At front façade replace wall sign at first story retail space.

23.0804 BB 139 Newbury Street: At front façade install ADA compliant door opener.

23.0686 BB 176 Newbury Street: At front façade revise design and color of previously approved wall sign at lower level retail space.

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