Back Bay Resident Receives Award for Exceptional Service to the Nonprofit Sector

Empower Success Corps (ESC), an organization dedicated to helping nonprofits in New England succeed, hosted its annual “Celebration of Service” awards at The Landmark Center in Boston on Thursday, May 10.

Marion Nierintz, a resident of Boston’s Back Bay, was the recipient of the prestigious Founder’s Award. Established in honor of ESC’s founder, the award recognizes an individual for exceptional contribution to the nonprofit community.

“It’s exciting and lovely to be honored, and I’m grateful,” said Nierintz. “But I think it should be me thanking everyone at ESC for giving me the opportunity to come along to make this happen with partners, about 150 people, who donate their time and talent to build the nonprofit community.”

ESC is a nonprofit organization that provides expertise to help other nonprofits succeed. ESC’s expert consultants complete high-impact projects, as well as professional development programs to foster creativity and growth for nonprofits. For over 35 years, ESC has been working with nonprofits to help them build capacity and create impact in their communities.

Nierintz has been involved with ESC for more than 15 years, having served on both the board of directors and as a consultant.

She received this award for her work with ESC Discovery, an initiative that provides programs and resources to help individuals explore options as they approach retirement.

Nierintz said she loves working with seniors not only because she is one, but also because she understands a lot of their fears and concerns.

“It’s a win-win situation,” said Nierintz. “Through ESC, that has created a really unique and successful model – looked at our experience and expertise to really have impact on individuals to inform them and make them feel confident. In turn, we give time and talent, and that makes us feel good.”

She believes seniors have a great deal to offer even after retirement, and shouldn’t just be swept aside or overlooked.

Besides making sure they are finically ready by setting them up with a finical planner, ESC Discovery works on thinking beyond just money, on what makes seniors have purpose.

“Marion is a true force of nature. She played an instrumental role in designing and facilitating our core programs to help older adults find a stronger sense of purpose in their work, deeper community engagement and more balance in their lives,” said David Guydan, director of ESC Discovery. “I am honored to present her with this award for her commitment to deliver programs that educate, inspire and motivate organizations and their employees, associates and members to engage as volunteers in work with a social purpose.”

Nierintz moved to Boston in 1965, and served as the Director of Development, Marketing and PR at Bay Cove Human Services and held various executive positions at John Hancock Financial Services.

Nierintz has also been a part-time management school faculty member at both Boston University and Northeastern University and teaches workshops and consults on a variety of topics including fundraising; board governance; strategic planning; and marketing.

Marion also has a long history of volunteerism and leadership roles in the nonprofit community. Her past and current affiliations include, among others, the United Way, Women of Means, The Boston Club, Pine Street Inn, Common Cathedral, the Boston Center for Adult Education, and Beacon Hill Village.

After being asked if she will continue her work with ESC Discovery she said, “Yes, absolutely! As long as I can!”

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