Police Briefs 01-17-2019

D-4 Police News

In through the outdoor

On Monday, June 7, at approximately 9:13 a.m., officers responded to a radio call for a reported breaking and entering at Lululemon Athletica at 337 Newbury St.

On arrival, police spoke to the store’s assistant manager, who said when he arrived to open the store at 8:41 a.m., he observed items scattered about the floor, as well as open drawers behind the checkout counter. He also said he observed that a window and window frame at the rear fire-escape had been knocked onto the floor of the business.

At this time, police cleared the store, but didn’t locate any suspects. The assistant manager told police that he had secured the premises and turned the alarm on when he left work the previous day at approximately 8:10 p.m. Employees then inventoried the store’s merchandise and determined that 10 bomber’s jackets valued at $298 each, 12 Sojourn jackets at $168 each and around 20 pairs of women’s pants valued at $100 a pair were missing.

A store security guard said he couldn’t view surveillance footage on site, but that he watch the video later and notify police if he observed the suspect.

Overstaying his welcome

On Monday, Jan. 7, at about 3:10 p.m., police arrested a male suspect at Boston Medical Center at 850 Harrison Ave. for a report of a suspect who trespassing on the property. The suspect has previously received previous verbal and written notice barring him from the property and has been physically removed from the property after he refused to leave.

Officers found the suspect loitering in the lobby, and he ignored their requests to leave the property. At this time, police asked the suspect to identify himself and told him he would be placed under arrest if he refused to comply. When officers told the suspect they would give him one last chance to cooperate or they would arrest him, he refused to identify himself, and was subsequently placed in double-handcuffs and taken into custody.

The suspect was then escorted to a prisoner’s holding area in the Downing Building, where he was physically searched, and Mirandized. At this time, police seized a plastic bag containing a green, leafy substance believed to be marijuana, one unused hypodermic needle, three metal cooking caps, a lighter and a tourniquet from the suspect.

Shortly thereafter, Boston University police transported the suspect to the District 4 headquarters for booking and told him that providing them with any false information would result in additional charges. Boston Police officers then issued the suspect a written no-trespass order and told him that he may only return to the hospital for medical reasons.

Not so sharp

On Friday, Jan. 11, at around 12:48 p.m., Boston police responded to Boylston and Kilmarnock streets to assist State Police with a suspect was reportedly threatening passersby in Kenmore Square with a knife and behaving strangely.

Officers located the suspect and requested that paramedics be dispatched at the scene to evaluate the individual. Police also overheard the suspect say he was going to kill himself and as many other people as possible.

EMTs arrived at the scene and transported the suspect to Tufts Medical Center emergency room for further evaluation.

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