Police Briefs 12-05-2019

Unwelcome Guests

On Monday, Nov. 25, at about 2:21 a.m., police responded to a radio call to investigate a person/assist a citizen at the Hotel Newbury Guest House at 261 Newbury St.

Upon arrival, officers spoke with the night audit clerk, who said he needed assistance with a female guest who refused to pay her bill.

After the guest, who reserved the room on booking.com, checked in, the clerk realized that the guest’s credit card had been declined, and when he requested that she provide another card, the guest refused.

Police went to speak to the guest in her room, but she was extremely uncooperative and refused to open the door for them. After attempting to reason with the suspect for about 40 minutes, officers advised her that she was no longer welcome in the hotel and needed to leave, but once again, she refused to leave.

After their immediate supervisor authorized forced entry, the officers enlisted the help of firefighters to gain access to the room.

Officers entered the room with guns drawn and conducted a protective sweep of the room before locating the suspect and a male in the bathroom. Police gave them a verbal command to exit the bathroom before handcuffing and placing them both under arrest.

Both suspects were charged with trespassing and defrauding an innkeeper and transported to District 4 headquarters, where the female suspect refused booking.

Stop That Train

On Tuesday, Nov. 26, at approximately 8:11 p.m., officers responded to a radio call for a larceny in progress at 1 Ring Road.

Prior to dispatch, police were informed that a loss prevention specialist had followed a female suspect out of the store and into the Back Bay MBTA station, where he stopped her and retrieved two Moncler jackets, valued at $985 and $1,170, respectively. The loss prevention specialist also observed that the suspect was in possession of a Saks Fifth Avenue containing cosmetics, which wasn’t recovered. The suspect then boarded an inbound Orange Line train.

Transit officers were notified of the matter and stopped the occupied train at the Chinatown MBTA station. They located an individual matching the suspect’s description and detained her for Boston Police.

The suspect was also accompanied by a male suspect, but loss prevention specialists lost sight of him.

The female suspect, who first provided police with an alias, said “It’s just shoplifting. It’s going to be a null process.”

Officers recovered various Clinique beauty products from the suspect and placed her under arrest for shoplifting. She was then transported to police headquarters, where she was booked in the usual manner.

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