Next BBAC Public Hearing Set for June 12

The Back Bay Architectural Commission (BBAC) has scheduled a virtual public hearing on June 12, 2024, at 5:00 PM. The meeting will be conducted online and can be accessed via Zoom at or by calling 301-715-8592 and entering Meeting ID 942 8285 1959. Participants are also welcome to submit written comments or questions to [email protected].

The design review portion of the hearing will begin at 5:00 PM. The following projects will be reviewed:

665 Boylston Street: Tanaka Yosuke proposes to install a commercial flag on the existing flag holder and replace café furniture and umbrellas at the front elevation.

46 Newbury Street: Rex Lalire proposes to replace signage, restore damaged façade elements, paint windows, trim, cornice, and metalwork. Additional work includes adding security lighting, restoring the vestibule chandelier and ceiling, and replacing doors, sidelights, and windows at the Berkeley Street entrance. At the Newbury Street entrance, existing doors will be replaced, and at the rear elevation, an existing opening will be bricked in, and an existing window opening will be enlarged to accommodate an egress door and transom.

464 Beacon Street: David Silverman proposes to remove the top section of the garden wall, which includes decorative crown and balusters, install a concrete cap, and add a gate at the rear of the building.

385 Commonwealth Avenue: Brooke Ten Eyck proposes the installation of a roof deck.

323 Commonwealth Avenue: Zachary Millay proposes alterations to window openings, construction of a one-story garage addition with a roof deck, and landscape redesign at the rear elevation.

Administrative review and approval of certain work items, which involve ordinary maintenance and repair, restoration, or replacement, will also be discussed. These projects have been identified as meeting eligibility criteria and applicable guidelines and will be approved by commission staff pending ratification at the monthly public hearing. Applicants listed under this heading do not need to appear at the hearing. A Determination Sheet will be issued post-hearing for permit application purposes. The electronic building-permit application annotated by commission staff will serve as the Certificate of Appropriateness, valid for one year from the hearing date.

Projects under administrative review include:

5 Arlington Street: Replace eleven two-over-two wood windows in-kind.

144 Beacon Street: Replace six front façade windows in-kind and replace four rear elevation windows and two doors in-kind.

173 Beacon Street: Repair entry steps and replace existing HVAC unit at the roof.

208 Beacon Street: Restore masonry and re-landscape front garden at the front façade.

260 Beacon Street: Repoint masonry and replace deteriorated wood trim in-kind at the front façade.

275 Beacon Street: Repair dormers and Mansard roof, and replace copper downspout in-kind at the front façade.

399 Boylston Street: Replace signage and café furniture at the front façade.

48 Commonwealth Avenue: Replace a section of black rubber membrane roofing in-kind at the roof.

57 Commonwealth Avenue: Repair and repoint masonry and repair entry steps at the front façade.

148 Commonwealth Avenue: Replace the existing roof structure at the rear entry.

303 Commonwealth Avenue: Repoint masonry at the rear elevation.

390 Commonwealth Avenue: Replace three seventh-story one-over-one non-historic metal windows with one-over-one wood windows at the front façade.

20 Fairfield Street: Repair the existing fire escape at the side elevation.

6 Gloucester Street: Repair the entry door, replace door hardware, and replace the intercom at the front façade.

11 Gloucester Street: Replace seven windows with historically appropriate wood windows.

177 Marlborough Street: Repoint masonry at the rear elevation.

226 Marlborough Street: Repoint masonry at the front façade.

384 Marlborough Street: Replace all windows with historically appropriate wood windows and replace non-historic entry doors in-kind at the rear elevation.

31 Massachusetts Avenue: Replace rubber membrane roofing in-kind at the roof.

103-105 Newbury Street: Repair the existing fire escape at the rear elevation.

118 Newbury Street: Replace signage at the front façade.

177 Newbury Street: Replace signage at the front façade.

230 Newbury Street: Replace signage at the front façade.

246 Newbury Street: Replace signage at the front façade.

282 Newbury Street: Repair masonry and repaint windows and wood trim at the rear elevation.

The meeting will also include the ratification of minutes from the May 8, 2024, public hearing and staff updates, with a projected adjournment at 7:00 PM.

For any questions, contact the commission staff at 617-635-1935 or [email protected].

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