Clinton,Trump Primary Victories Viewed Locally with Interest

By Jordan Frias

Voters in the South End, Back Bay and Fenway/Kenmore took to the polls on Tuesday, March 1, and chose their favorite candidate within the respective parties.

Locally, ward committee chairs from the Democratic and Republican Parties said they found the election results quite interesting.

Boston Ward 5 Democratic Committee Chair Ross Levanto, chair of Boston’s Ward 5 Democratic Committee (which includes Back Bay, Beacon Hill and parts of the Fenway, Kenmore, Bay Village and the South End), said Clinton’s statewide victory was won on grass-roots efforts.

“The bottom line is Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are both great candidates, especially if you look at the other side’s front runner,” Levanto said. “[Clinton’s] success was driven by the field effort of volunteers, including the mayor’s work, and the committees that supported her.”

Boston Ward 5 Republican Brad Marston said he was interested in how support for Donald Trump grew within Boston.

“I was surprised by how well Donald Trump did and how much his support grew in Boston,” Marston said, who voted for Ted Cruz. “I thought John Kasich would have had a much stronger following.” He continued, “There’s voter anger on both sides. It’s what’s fueling the Trump and Sanders campaigns. Sanders people are listening to his policy prescriptions whereas Trump supporters are just hearing sound bites and there aren’t any policy prescriptions below them.”

Marson said there was no consensus for a nominee preference in terms of city committee or ward committees.

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