Local Fashions Professionals Offer Knowledge, Advice and Insight to Boston’s Up-and-Comers

On Saturday, April 23, Boston-based companies Next Fashion Stitch, The Stylist Closet and Fashion Group International Boston will host an all-day workshop called Constructing a Fashion Company, where local budding fashion designers, manufacturers and brands, as well as fashion enthusiasts and students, can benefit from the advice of some of Boston’s best (and hardest working) fashion up-and-comers.

Event co-host Donielle McKeever of Next Fashion Stitch owned and operated Cravatta Manufacturers, an apparel manufacturer from 2007-2013.

“I noticed that many of the designers struggled with the same issues: incorrect product development, faulty manufacturing, not enough sales to sustain a fashion company and the belief that every new fashion brand to hit the market will guarantee instant fame and fortune,” said McKeever. “I’m excited to offer this workshop in hopes that local new fashion brands can gain as much knowledge, advice and insight as possible from Boston’s fashion professionals in order to make better choices and increase their brand’s chance for success.”

Hosted at the School of Fashion Design at 136 Newbury Street, Constructing a Fashion Company starts the day off with a discussion about apparel manufacturing and product development, showcasing panelists Emily Keneally of Alice Walk, Avra Myers of A Ruby, Jay Adams of Brass Clothing, Jonathan Joseph Peters of Evolue Apparel, Lisa Lloyd of Lisa Lloyd, Donielle McKeever of Next Fashion Stitch, Kim Barbieri of The Martini Factory, and Thom Solo of Thom Solo.

 The second conversation centers around successfully retailing with pop-up shops, featuring panelists Avra Ruby of A Ruby, Katie Doyle of Brass Clothing, Dylan Uscher of Dylanium Knits, Casey Paton of Encore Apparel, Evolue Apparel, Kent Stetson of Kent Stetson, Francesca Desforges of Peach and Ashley Wayman of Petit Peony. Topics such as the importance of selling vs. marketing, how to develop relationships with your consumers and realistic pricing will be presented.

 The third discussion takes a look at fame and fortune, where panelists Dylan Usher of Dylanium Knits, Kent Stentson of Kent Stentson and Thom Solo of Thom Solo discuss the pros and cons of dressing celebrities. Are there any disadvantages to a celebrity wearing your brand?

 The workshop also includes a “reality check” conversation about surviving in the fashion industry with co-host and stylist Terri Mahn and an interactive pop-up shop where attendees can view and ask questions from set-up to sell-through.

Tickets are $125 per person. School of Fashion Design students and alumni save 50%. Tickets are available via EventBrite.com: search “Constructing a Fashion Company.”





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