New Security Cameras Watch Over Monument In The Boston Common

By Beth Treffeisen

Looming over the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in the Boston Common, four new security cameras were installed recently providing safety and protection for those who visit.

Sitting on top of existing light poles, the cameras are paid for and maintained by the Boston Police Department, who are also monitoring the activity on them.

“Besides looking at the negative activity, they will also be looking to maintain the over a million dollars of restoration on the Soldiers and Sailors monument,” said Ryan Woods the spokesman for the Boston Parks Department. “Such as graffiti or any damage done on the property.”

The money went towards restorative work on the monument along with increase in lighting on pathways within the park.

Woods said the cameras allow for a visual of any activity in the park and are an addition to a camera already located on the corner of Charles Street and Beacon Street.

Liz Vizza the executive director of Friends of the Public Garden said they are excited to see them installed, stating that recently that area has been used for illicit drug business.

“We hope it will bring a positive impact and a bulk of surveillance itself,” said Vizza.

She hopes it will remove that activity along with causing people to refrain from it. Vizza added that there are some other trouble areas in the park that could benefit from additional cameras but they don’t want to push for over surveillance.

“We want to have comfort, safety and low drug activity in the park,” said Vizza. “The cameras are one of all of the tools of the tool box we need to continue that.”

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