Rhalimi Explains Why Voters Should Choose Him As Sheriff

First, I am honored and humbled to be on the ballot for Thursday September 8th’s  Democratic Primary for Suffolk County Sheriff.

I am a father, a husband , homeowner, taxpayer — and a community servant. For 17 years, I’ve done the job of Chief Executive Officer, of a private sector company.  I managed budgets, oversaw personnel, negotiated contracts, engaged public relations.  As such, I grew to understand the dynamics of government

As for education : I earned a Master of Criminal Justice from Boston University, and  hold advanced certification in law enforcement skills, legal studies and court process.

I’m an active member of the National Sheriff Association and the American Correctional Association.

Sheriffs, being elected by the voters, come from diverse management backgrounds. Many come to office without substantial knowledge about their county’s jail or of what is required for effective jail operations and management. I, however, can bring to the office leadership and management skills, criminal justice expertise, and fluency in four languages.                                                                                                                                            I strongly believe that my leadership and management skills combined with my criminal justice expertise, and language skills will make the competent candidate for Sheriff. Under my leadership, Officers and administrative staff need to be praised and encouraged when they actually participate in the care, custody and rehabilitation process of the pretrial detainees.                                                                                                                           I will establish a culture of professional accountability in the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department. I will NEVER solicit a campaign contribution from an employee of the Department. Employee donations to the Sheriff who has power over their hire, firing, promotion, evaluation or oversight are a temptation to mismanagement. I will not tolerate any such employment culture in Suffolk County’s Sheriff Department.                            As a innovative Suffolk Sheriff, I will involve community residents, not just my fellow office holders, in discussions and in participation, wherever there is readiness to get involved; I’ll encourage all of Suffolk County’s diverse communities to work together on solutions for ( 1 ) effective re-entry of prisoners into the greater society; ( 2 ) community and family support for people in my custody because of addiction issues; and ( 3 ) staffing and mentoring to alleviate mental health issues that often accompany, or give rise to addictions. And these are only the beginning of what I will work on. We should open our minds to new ideas, think outside of the box and link to resources in each and every part of our community to reduce the underlying problems that create crime and blight.                                                                              In this race there are two candidates only.  I face the present Sheriff, Steve Tompkins, who was appointed interim sheriff by former governor Deval Patrick in January 2013, after Andrea Cabral stepped down from the post.                                                                                        Finally, this office is not about who has the most endorsements by elected officials or PACs. It’s about the person whom you, the voter, will elect to serve you in each and every neighborhood, and do so with the integrity and imagination to lead a law enforcement agency that all Suffolk County’s residents can trust and be proud of.                                                                                                                          I am asking for your vote on Thursday September 8th.

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