Alps & Meters Opens Flagship Pop-Up Workshop in the Fenway

By Beth Treffeisen

Squeezed in between a Fed Ex store and a Citi Bank across the street from Star Market a new kind of store has come to the developing Fenway neighborhood.

The online premium alpine sportswear company Alps & Meters has unveiled a flagship pop-up workshop located at 1369 Boylston St. It will be open through Saturday, December 31.

“We are very thankful to be here and popping up,” said Louis Joseph the founder and CEO of Alps & Meters. “We hope folks will come by and introduce themselves. We enjoy being a part of the community.”

The workshop that will be holding various events throughout its stay will be showcasing their entire fall and winter 2016 Forged Performance collection, which will be available for purchase.

Alps & Meters will hold regular business hours from 9:00 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. Weekend hours will be reserved for time in the mountains, but certain events and community activities will keep the store open on select Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

“I think pop-ups are here to stay, especially for the holiday season,” said Sabrina Sandberg the vice president of marketing and press relations at Samuels & Associates. “Retail is tough right now. Pop-ups are a great way to test the market and get the name out.”

Alps & Meters is a startup company that has grown out of the nearby Landmarks Center as part of a co-work, or a mix between a company and an incubator. It serves as a bridge for small companies that normally couldn’t afford a 10-year office space to continue to develop and grow.

The nearby location to the pop-up shop makes it easy for them to watch over the workshop and figure out any bugs that they need to tweak or fix.

“It’s a familiar atmosphere and there is a lot of activity happening along with growth,” said Joseph. “We want to be on the next sort of kneeling edge.”

Joseph added, a lot of people are thinking of the Seaport district as the next innovative area but the continued growth that he has seen in the Fenway neighborhood fits their brand and point of view, making the location a little more distinctive.

If this workshop brings in a lot of business, Joseph said, he certainly will consider staying longer.

“We have big, big dreams,” said Joseph.

Samuels & Associates who have spear headed a lot of the projects in the Fenway area wanted to bring Alps & Meters to a storefront location to add to the mix of local shops in the area.

“We are trying to take a careful approach on having both national stores and local independent stores,” said Sandberg who pointed to a local barbershop and the nearby urban Target.

Sandberg said with all the college students, new residential units and the nearby Fenway Park have lent itself to creating more foot traffic to the area.

“It’s been incredible!” said Sandberg. “Honestly, the last 12 months I’ve seen it changing everyday.”

Sandberg said Samuels & Associates have started to refer to the neighborhood as the new beat of Boston.

“It’s only a matter of time that people put there heads up and see Fenway,” said Joseph. “Fenway is just exploding with beautiful shops and restaurants.”

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