Former District A1 Commanding Superintendent O’Rourke Retires

Boston Police Superintendent Bernard “Bernie” O’Rourke has retired following a lengthily career with the department, that expanded 29 years.

Many of those years, O’Rourke spent as the Commanding Officer of District A1 which covers the Beacon Hill, North End, West End. Charelstown, Downtown and Waterfront neighborhoods where he conducted the community’s monthly public safety meetings, which were highly successful.

Residents considered O’Rourke a man to go to, to get things accomplished in the community resulting in the North End having the lowest crime rate in the city.

He was well respected for his clear understanding of how to work with the neighborhood to make the neighborhoods a safe place to live and work.

O’Rourke was completely trusted as a man of his word, ability and knowledge of preventing crime in the community, basically before it had a chance to develop.

He was truly a committed man, serving above and beyond the call of duty as a member of the Boston Police Departments.

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