New Restaurant in Girard Development to Get Neighborhood Review on 2 A.M. Closing License

By Seth Daniel

A vote from the Boston Licensing Board has been postponed for one of the newest entrants in the South End dining scene so two prominent neighborhood associations can review the license – which includes a 2 a.m. closure.

Southern Proper is looking to open up in the two-floor commercial space in the brand new Girard building on Harrison Avenue. Brought by Jason Cheek, who is formerly associated with Coppa, KO Prime and Toro, and whom is listed as the manager – the restaurant in its application to the License Board calls for two floors with an All Alcohol license that is being transferred in from Williams Tavern of South Boston. The second floor is described as being only a small office.

One piece of the liquor license calls for a 2 a.m. closing time on the inside of the restaurant, and neighborhood associations are eager to review the overall proposal.

The Old Dover Neighborhood Association has Southern Proper on its agenda for this coming Tuesday, May 16, while the Union Park Neighborhood Association will talk about it at its general meeting on May 24.

City officials confirmed on Tuesday that the Licensing hearing on Weds., May 10, was postponed until the associations hear the plan.

The restaurant is described in the application as having 487 sq. ft. of dining, and 1,246 sq. ft. of bar seating – with a 1,095 sq. ft. kitchen. A 635 sq. ft. seasonal outdoor patio (April to Nov.) on private property is off the first floor and listed to close at 11 p.m.

Total square footage for the establishment is 3,853 sq. ft. and the overall closing time is listed as 2 a.m. While the closing time is listed as 2 a.m., the closing hour could be voluntarily revised by the owners.

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