South End Stroll Hosted by the South End Business Community

By Camryn Daniel and Seth Daniel

It was a very beautiful night with a little breeze in the South End on Friday, May 12, and the South End business community hosted its first stroll of the year, sponsored by Washington Gateway Main Street.

It was a thing for the whole family, Pets too! Shops big and small opened their doors a little later than usual, and there was shopping, music, food and even doggie treats.

Two women, Caroline Foscato and Lixian Wu, had set up a table outside and were advertising the South End Soccer League’s “Party in the Park” fundraiser on May 21 in the Channel Park. Tickets are selling for $30 each, with B-Good, SOWA, and GTI properties are sponsoring this event. In one little shop, called Flock, there was a tiny live performance. One young women sang and played the guitar while the other played the violin. The shop sold clothes and nice little home decor.

The owner, Dani McDonald said that “It was a great night for the stroll.”

Next there was a dog bakery called PolkaDog Bakery. A cute little Boston Terrier named Amelia was jumping around while her owner, Melissa Waystack, bought her a treat from the cashier, Caroline. Amelia got a free treat from the “Bucket of treats for good dogs” when she finally sat still. Then there was the Recycle Studio. Two people greeted everyone who came inside with a nice bright smile. Amy Lynn Axelrod and John Ferraro were ready to challenge all those coming through the door to a workout.

Finally it was getting late, so the last stop was the M. Flynn Jewelry. The store was full of pretty jewelry and sparkling chandeliers. Samantha Graziani, Sarah Serbino, and one of the owners Moria Flynn greeted guests.

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