Police Briefs 12-28-2017


On Friday, Dec. 22, at around 3:30 a.m., officers responded to a radio call to investigate a person in the area of 535 Boylston St.

On arrival, police observed the suspect attacking another officer in the vicinity of 535 Boylston St. and moved into assist him in taking the suspect into custody. While attempting to apprehend the suspect, the officer fell headfirst into a Boston Transportation Department control box, and although the officer said he felt immediate pain, he continued to struggle with the suspect. Additional officers were eventually were able to take the suspect into custody while EMTs responded to the scene and transported the injured officer to Tufts Medical Center for treatment of a possible head injury.

The injured officer was subsequently diagnosed with a minor head injury.


On Friday, Dec. 222, at about 7:51 a.m., police responded to 735 Massachusetts Ave. for a report of a male suspect who displayed a firearm to a female motorist.

On arrival, officers spoke to the victim, who said she was operating her 2016 Ford Focus on Melnea Cass Boulevard and attempting to turn right onto Massachusetts Avenue when the suspect approached her vehicle and, after pushing in her driver’s side door-mirror with his left hand, he partially displayed the handle of a black handgun in the left-hand pocket of his hooded sweatshirt.

The victim said the suspect then walked away in the direction of South Hampton Street on Massachusetts Avenue.

Officers and the victim canvassed the area for the suspect to no avail.


On Sunday, Dec. 24, at approximately 3:40 a.m., police responded to a report of counterfeit money passed at the Machine Nightclub at 1249 Boylston St.


Upon arrival, the officer spoke to the manager, who said some time between 12:01 and 2 a.m., a female, who is a friend of an employee, passed two, counterfeit $100 bills before fleeing in a brown 2005 Toyota Camry.


The officer seized the counterfeit bills as evidence.


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