Finding Our Way Home in 2018

By Mayor Martin J. Walsh

To all Bostonians: happy new year, and may 2018 bring you happiness and health in Boston. As we enter into the new year, I’m grateful for the people of Boston — I continue to be inspired by our residents’ big hearts and deep love of community.

2018 brings a new year in Boston, and it also marks inauguration for myself, and for the Boston City Council. I’m humbled by the opportunity to serve a second term as Mayor of Boston. Inaugurations are often a time for celebrations and special events across the city. This year, to mark my second inauguration as Mayor of Boston, I wanted to do something really special — and different. Something that really brings us together as a city.

As Bostonians, we know that the thing we love celebrating most is our spirit, our resilience, and each other. It’s what makes Boston, our city, our home.

The City of Boston, Pine Street Inn, and Bank of America are partnering on a new campaign — The Boston’s Way Home Fund. This new initiative will raise $10 million in private funds to create 200 units of permanent, supportive housing over the next four years. These units will be for formerly homeless individuals, who will now have a lasting home in Boston.

Boston is a compassionate and caring city that looks out for one another as neighbors. We are committed to making sure that every person in our city has a place to call their home and build a better life.

We’ve made great strides these past few years in ending homelessness: we ended chronic veterans homelessness and we’re now on our way to ending all chronic homelessness. This fund brings us even closer to that reality.

I want to thank the donors who have helped kick us off the fund — and I hope residents and organizations throughout Boston will join us in this effort. No gift is too small.

As Mayor, people often ask me what they can do to help. Today my answer is — learn more about Boston’s plan to end chronic homelessness, keep supporting your neighbors and community, and consider becoming involved in the Boston’s Way Home Fund. Since January of 2016, 425 chronically homeless individuals have been housed, representing more than 3,000 years of homelessness ended. This year, we’re hoping you can be a partner and advocate, and help increase that number even further.

I am honored and humbled by the opportunity to lead our city for four more years. Working together, we will make sure every member of our community knows they belong right here in Boston — right at home.

Thank you, and happy New Year.

To learn more about the Boston’s Way Home Fund, visit:

Martin Walsh is Mayor of Boston and was re-elected to his second term last November.


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