Police Briefs 06-14-2018


Restroom rumble

On Tuesday, June 5, at about 9:08 p.m., police responded to a radio call for an assault and battery that occurred inside the Prudential Center at 800 Boylston St.

Upon arrival, the officer met with the victim, who said at about 8 p.m., an unknown male suspect asked the victim to walk with him to the men’s room. The victim said he had spent time with the suspect once before, although he doesn’t know his name.

Once the victim followed the suspect into the restroom, the suspect demanded that the victim hand over his money and cell phone. The suspect then began punching the victim in the head, causing him to fall and hit his head on the sink. The attack caused the victim’s left ear to bleed.

The victim handed over his phone but no money before running out of the restroom in the direction of the Cheesecake Factory.

The victim notified a mall security guard of the incident, although they were unable to locate the suspect.

Paramedics arrived on the scene and transported the victim to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for further treatment.


Overzealous fan

On Wednesday, June 6, at approximately 9 p.m., Red Sox security notified an officer working a paid detail at Fenway Park that a suspect had run onto the field.

Security was able to stop the suspect in the outfield before the officer placed him under arrest and walked him through the concourse and out onto the street.

The suspect was charged with trespassing, disturbing a public assembly and disturbing the peace.


Taking a stand

On Saturday, June 9, at around 2:36 p.m., officers from the Citywide Bicycle Unit responded to a group of protestors disrupting the Pride parade at Boylston and Berkeley streets.

Upon arrival, police observed the crowd and agitated parade participants yelling at the protestors for stopping the parade. The protestors included women who were voicing their dissatisfaction on how the U.S. government handled the disaster in Puerto Rico left in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

A sergeant on the scene told the women they had five minutes to stage their protest before they had to move off the parade route and onto the sidewalk. Five minutes later, the officer again told the women to move along, but they refused to leave.

Police escorted the women onto the sidewalk without incidents. The women refused to give police their personal information before disappearing into the crowd.

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