Police Briefs 08-23-2018


Drive my car

On Monday, Aug. 13, at about 5:50 p.m., officers conducting a drug investigation in the vicinity of the Back Bay MBTA station observed a male suspect standing near the planters at the Dartmouth Street entrance to Copley Place.

Another man then approached the suspect and engaged him in conversation, before they reversed directions and began walking towards the Southwest Corridor Path. Police then observed the two parties conduct what appeared to be a hand-to hand drug transaction, after which the second man placed an unknown object in his mouth. When the two separated, the second man was seen inspecting the object that was in his mouth as he crossed Dartmouth Street.

Based on prior experience, police believed they had observed a street-level drug transaction and approached the second man as he attempted to access an elevator at 131 Dartmouth St. At this time, the officer identified himself as police and asked the man if he had any drugs in his possession.

When the man responded that he had drugs in his front, right pants pocket, police recovered a plastic bag containing suspected heroin from his person.

After police informed the suspect of his Miranda rights, he told them that he had purchased the drugs from the other man for $160 and provided officers with that man’s phone number. The suspect was then informed that he would be summonsed to Boston District Court for possession of a Class A substance and arrested on the scene.

Meanwhile, other officers were tracking the movements of the alleged drug dealer as he was driving down Dartmouth Street in a red Acura before turning right onto Marlborough Street.

Police pulled the vehicle over at Clarendon and Marlborough streets, told the suspect to put the vehicle in park and ordered him to exit the vehicle. The suspect then turned the steering wheel as the vehicle sped across Commonwealth Avenue and onto Newbury Street.

Police gave chase, but terminated their pursuit of the suspect’s vehicle when it crossed Massachusetts Avenue onto I-90 West, at which time they notified State Police.

A short while later, state troopers stopped the suspect’s vehicle at Exit 17, and Boston Police responded to the scene.

Police notified the driver and a passenger of their Miranda rights.

The passenger also told police that his third cousin had paid him to drive him into Boston, but didn’t apprise him of his plan to sell drugs until he produced a large bag of Fentanyl. When police attempted to stop the vehicle as it pulled onto the highway, the passenger threw the drugs out the window, he said.

The passenger had the driver pull up to where he discarded the drugs, retrieved them and then got behind the wheel himself.

Both suspects were transported to District 4 headquarters, where they were charged with distribution of a Class A substance, conspiracy to violate the drug laws and possession with intent to distribute of a Class D substance (marijuana).


Snack attack

On Sunday, Aug. 19, at around 2:49 a.m., police responded to an assault and battery in progress at 10 Lansdowne St.

Upon arrival, officers spoke to the victim – a vendor at the Sausage Guy cart – who said two female suspects had ordered suspect, but once they realized they cost $8 a piece, they became combative and didn’t want to pay. When the victim told the suspect to leave, one of them slapped the victim across the face with an open hand.

Furthermore, the victim said when he attempted to contact police, an unknown man approached the victim, called him a “snitch” and then smashed his phone on the ground. The man then took another victim’s phone and smashed it on the ground.

The two female suspects then came from behind the cart and stole another victim’s pink Michael Kors handbag before fleeing in a blue Acura TSX with Massachusetts plates.

Police searched the area for the suspects to no avail, and the victims declined medical attention at this time.

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