Students Invited to Apply for City’s Exam Schools

The Boston Public Schools (BPS) will offer the Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE) for admission to the city’s three examination schools on Saturday, Nov. 3, at 8 a.m. Testing will take place at seven locations across the city.

The deadline for registration is Sept. 21.

Students must currently be in Grades 6, 8 or 9 to take the ISEE. Starting the second week in September, interested candidates may register online at and can obtain application materials from the principal/headmaster of his or her present school. Applications will also be available at the BPS Welcome Centers and all branches of the Boston Public Library during that same week.

The three BPS exam schools are Boston Latin Academy, Boston Latin School, and John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics & Science. New students are admitted to Grades 7 and 9 at all three exam schools. The O’Bryant is the only exam school that accepts new students for Grade 10.

A residency policy requires the parent/guardian of applicants currently attending private, parochial, Commonwealth charter schools, METCO program schools, or currently home-schooled applicants, to complete the residency verification process in person no later than Friday, Nov. 16.

Additionally, BPS will offer the TerraNova test to students currently enrolled in Grades 3, 4, and 5 at private, parochial, and charter schools for possible entrance into the Advanced Work Class (AWC) program beginning in September 2019. AWC is a full-day program located in select BPS schools across the city. The AWC program includes the same subjects as the regular education program, however, each subject is studied in more depth and at an accelerated pace, requiring the completion of more classroom work and homework by the student.

For Boston residents currently attending private, parochial or charter schools, the TerraNova test will be administered, free of charge, on Saturday, Oct. 13, and on Saturday, Oct. 20, for students that require special accommodations. On both dates, the test will be administered at the Washington Irving Middle School, 105 Cummins Highway, Roslindale. Students who attend a BPS school must take the test in their assigned school.

Registration materials for the TerraNova exam will be mailed to all non-public schools in Boston, and available for pick up at BPS Welcome Centers and at all Boston Public Library branches. The deadline for registration and to submit a request for special accommodations is Sept. 28.

For further information on the ISEE, please contact the Exam School Admissions Office at 617-635-9512, or visit For more information about the TerraNova exam, please contact the BPS Data & Accountability Department at 617-635-9554 or visit


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