Flynn Files Hearing on After-hours Work in South End

Councilor Ed Flynn announced that he will call for a hearing next week regarding the issue of after-hours and weekend construction. Flynn relayed concerns brought to his office from residents throughout District 2 related to construction work being done outside permitted hours – early in the morning, late in the evening, or on the weekend or holidays without permits. Moreover, community leaders called attention to permits granted for after hours and weekend work in the South End, while others pointed to issues of public safety, rodent control, and adhering to approved plans.”Whether I am in the South End, South Boston, Chinatown, Beacon Hill, Back Bay, the Bay Village, or Downtown – residents frequently express concerns regarding the issues associated with construction work being done outside of permitted hours, or being done illegally without a permit at all on weekends and holidays,” said Flynn. “I will be calling for a hearing next week as I believe a discussion is warranted when it comes to the process and enforcement, accountability and penalties, and any gaps that exist to help us improve the quality of life for the people of Boston. In addition, we need to ensure developers are making sites secure and safe for our communities in all phases, performing suitable rodent control, and adhering to approved plans.”

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