Trailer Restroom pilot returns to Boston Common

The Friends of the Public Garden have announced the return of the pilot program for restroom facilities on the Boston Common “after last year’s success,” the organization said in an e-newsletter. “The Friends wishes to thank the Harold Whitworth Pierce Charitable Trust for their very generous gift to fund this program that has increased the availability of restrooms on the Common, and showcased the great need in our parks for such facilities,” they said.

The restroom, which is located in a trailer wrapped in an image of an 1848 water celebration on the Boston Common, will be open in late April/early May, and close at the end of October.

According to an article published by the Friends of the Public Garden last August, the facility includes four women’s stalls and a sink, one men’s stall, three urinals, and a sink, one ADA-accessible restroom with a toilet and sink, a baby changing station, and monitoring personnel onsite. The article states that the restrooms are cleaned every four hours and “regularly pumped out.” They are also air conditioned.

According to the Friends of the Public Garden 2018 Year in Review, the restrooms saw 600 visitors daily from June-October last year. According to the aforementioned article, the configuration of restrooms was “working very well” with little to no wait time.

The Friends of the Public Garden are working in partnership with Boston Parks and Recreation to make the restrooms possible.

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