Eight Streets Ditches Monthly Meetings, Adds More Social Events

The Eight Streets Neighborhood Association has announced that they plan to take on a new meeting and social schedule in the coming civic year, ditching the idea of monthly meetings in favor of having more social events.

Eight Streets was on the docket to have its first meeting of the civic year on Sept. 10, but informed its membership that they would not be having a meeting.

Instead, they have moved to have a fall meeting on Oct. 8 in Project Place rather than a monthly meeting schedule.

“Over the years the focus within the Eight Streets Neighborhood Association (ESNA) has slowly shifted from activism to more socially-oriented and community-engaging activities,” said President Michael Almond. “ESNA has invested significant time and resources such that our abutting parks – Peters, Ringgold and Watson – are all well managed with independent organizations in their own rights. ESNA has also build up a social media platform so that many of our residents choose to engage with the neighborhood via Facebook and our website. Finally, since most of the issues we now face – crime, development, trash, rodents, sidewalk and street repair – are of a relatively routine nature the ESNA Officers, in consultation with our street captains, have decided to change our meeting and social calendar. We believe these changes will continue to bring more people together and build an even stronger neighborhood.”

In addition to the fall meeting, there will a Fall social on Dec. 10 at The Eagle.

Other meetings are:

•Winter Meeting, Feb. 11 at Project Place.

•Spring Social, April 14 at TBA.

•Summer Meeting, June 9, in Project Place.

•Summer Block Party, Aug. 11, at TBA.

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