Guest Op-Ed: Councilor Flynn Thanks the People of District 2

By Councilor Ed Flynn

 With the election upon us next Tuesday, Nov. 5th, I would like to extend my best wishes to my neighbors, friends, and constituents and to thank you for the hospitality you have extended to my family, my staff and I at civic meetings and events across our district. I have had the pleasure of meeting many new neighbors and becoming reacquainted with so many longtime friends. I have worked hard every day for our residents and respectfully ask for your vote on Nov. 5th.

Throughout this term, I have used my position of public trust to speak out on many important issues through City Council Hearings, community meetings, press releases and letters, social media platforms, with our civic groups and at neighborhood office hours. As the Boston City Councilor for District 2, my focus has always remained on public safety, housing stability and affordability, and social and economic justice for our residents and families.

In terms of public safety, I have been a strong advocate for the safety of pedestrians and all on our roads. I created a 12 point plan and held hearings to advocate for traffic calming measures through infrastructure improvements, slower speeds and increased enforcement. I also called for hearings to be held on TNCs (Uber/Lyft), and held hearings on gas leaks and natural gas infrastructure in our city, domestic violence and sexual assault, and stray voltage harmful to our pets and residents.

When it comes to housing, I called for and held hearings with Councilor Michael Flaherty on affordable housing and the Inclusionary Development Policy (IDP) so that it can be updated to help keep working families in Boston. I will hold a hearing on November 14th regarding the implementation of the Short-Term Rental (Airbnb) ordinance to ensure investor units and large corporations are no longer operating in the city. I passed an ordinance with Councilor Lydia Edwards to help seniors who have fallen behind on their property taxes to pay with reduced interest and on more affordable terms. I continue to advocate for 3 Family zoning in areas of the district to maintain the character of our neighborhoods.

I have always stood with our working families seeking fair and living wages, affordable healthcare, safe working conditions and a secure retirement. Whether it was United Steelworkers during the National Grid lockout, Unite Here Local 26 at Marriot Hotels or most recently at Battery Wharf, UFCW 1445 at Stop and Shop or Macy’s, my family and I were proud to stand with organized labor. I also joined workers and advocates fighting against wage theft.

In addition, I held hearings regarding accessibility issues for persons with disabilities in the City of Boston. With accessibility and inclusion in mind, I continue to advocate for language access programs at BPS, and my staff posts social media messages in Spanish and Chinese.

Government serves us best when it addresses the concerns of its citizens and civic organizations seriously. I have not just listened to your concerns, but have been out front and taken the lead on issues affecting our basic government services. I promise to continue to advocate on behalf of the people of District 2. I thank you for your support and respectfully ask for your vote on Tuesday, November 5th. I will continue to listen to your feedback, be accessible, and work hard to deliver results for all of our neighborhoods.

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