The Revolution Hotel Intends to Open Roof Deck

Representatives from The Revolution Hotel detailed their plans to open a roofdeck during an on-site meeting Monday at the South End establishment.

Eric Shinrock, vice president of development for the Mt. Vernon Company, the Boston-based real estate firm that owns and operates the hotel, said the applicant is currently seeking zoning variances from the city to open a roofdeck, which would have a total occupancy of 110, including 10 staff members and between 60 and 70 seated patrons.

The roofdeck, which would be open to the public, as well as hotel guests, would have a five-month season, lasting from the spring through the early fall and closing at midnight on Saturday and Sunday and 11 p.m. Sundays through Thursday, Shinrock said.

Features of the roofdeck would include a trellis made of galvanized steel equipped with “down lighting that won’t spill over the edge of the roof,” Shinrock said, as well as a cable-rail system to help mitigate sound impacts. The bar would also have an operable canopy structure, and new bathrooms would be constructed next to the headhouse as part of the project.

The roofdeck would be set back between 6 and 9 inches from the edge of the building to help lessen the sound impact, Shinrock said.

This was the second abutters’ meeting on the matter, following the first one on Oct. 3, and Shinrock said after meeting with direct abutters in early August and receiving their feedback, more buffering and screening were added to the design.

Additional screening and planters would be installed on the sides of the building facing Appleton and Berkeley streets to minimize the sound impact, Shinrock said.

Acentech, a Cambridge acoustic consulting firm, conducted a sound study in August and September by testing four speakers on the roofdeck. “Based on the study, there was no appreciable difference in sound impact,” said Jay Bliefnick, a consultant for the firm.

Shinrock added, “Guests rooms will be located directly under the deck, and the last thing we can do is compromise our core business, which is the hotel rooms.”

Also, Shinrock said the roofdeck is intended to be an extension of the hotel and restaurant, rather than a sports bar.

“We’re not seeking a live music permit,” Shinrock said adding that music on roofeck would instead be “ambient” and “in the background.”

Anyone concerned about the proposed roofdeck or hotel operations in general is encouraged to contact Connie Shaheen, general manager, at [email protected].

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