Flynn Releases End of Year Report

Boston City Councilor Ed Flynn has released his end of the year report to update the residents of District 2 on his work during his second year in office. The report summarizes Councilor Flynn’s work on areas related to housing and development, pedestrian and public safety, social and economic justice, public health, and other quality-of-life issues. Councilor Flynn continues to focus on constituent services, issues that impact the everyday lives of residents, and remains committed to delivering responsive city services to the neighborhoods of his district. 

“As we approach the new year, I’m thankful for the support of the residents of District 2. My priority as a City Councilor is to advocate for working families, our seniors, persons with disabilities, our immigrant communities and our most vulnerable,” said Councilor Flynn. “It is a great honor to represent this diverse district at the Council and I will continue to work hard every day to ensure that the residents of Boston have access to the resources and opportunities that our city offers.”

City Councilor Michael Flynn.

•Housing and Development
*Called for and held a hearing on the implementation of the Short-Term Rentals Ordinance 

*Called for and held a hearing on strengthening the Inclusionary Development Policy (IDP) and increasing affordable housing 

*Called for hearing on ways to support tenants facing eviction and displacement in Boston

*Opposed development projects that are unfavorable to neighbors, residents and civic groups at the Zoning Board of Appeals
•Social and Economic Justice 

*Called for and held a hearing on the impact of the partial government shutdown on veterans and military families

*Called for and held a hearing on services for persons with disabilities and ensuring accessibility in our buildings, sidewalks, and public spaces.

*Passed two resolutions on state bills that would help improve accessibility in housing and expand job opportunities for persons with disabilities

*Passed a resolution opposing the recent rule change to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits

*Stood with the working families of United Steelworkers (National Grid), Unite Here Local 26 (Marriott, Battery Wharf) and UFCW 1445 (Macy’s, Stop and Shop) as they sought fair wages, safe working conditions, affordable healthcare and a secure retirement.

*Advocated for expansion of language access all city departments
•Traffic and Public Safety 

*Called for and held hearing on Transportation Network Companies (Uber/Lyft)

*Called for and held a hearing on pedestrian crossing signals and traffic calming

*Called for a hearing on methane gas leaks in Boston

*Called for and held a working session on stray voltage harmful to residents and pets

*Called for a hearing on construction safety to discuss the existing safety procedures 

•Public Health 

*Called for and held a hearing on domestic violence and sexual assault 

*Held a hearing on public health disparities in communities of color 

•Quality of Life 

*Called for a hearing on after hours construction,

*Called for a hearing on City services and public facilities on South Boston Waterfront 

•Other Actions

*Passed a resolution to support a state bill requiring curriculum unit on the Holocaust and genocide

*Passed a resolution recognizing the contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders during AAPI Month in May 

*Passed a resolution supporting children born abroad to military members and federal workers 

*Held neighborhood coffee hours and community meetings with the Transportation Department, Department of Neighborhood Development, Boston Police Department, and the Office of Community Preservation

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