BU Medical Center files first Institutional Master Plan without BMC

For the first time, Boston University Medical Center has filed an Institutional Master Plan (IMP) without Boston Medical Center (BMC) this Monday in a filing that had very little new to report.
In fact, the largest change was the separation of the two historic organizations, which go back to the mid-1800s when the Medical Center combined efforts with Boston University, and then the newfound City Hospital.
Now, the two institutions are friendly, but separated in most all aspects.
“With this IMP and the concurrently filed BMC IMP, the current BUMC IMP will be dissolved into two separate and distinct IMPs for each institution,” read the filing. “The University will henceforth inventory its properties and plan expansions independent from BMC. The creation of separate IMPs and Community Task Forces will allow greater autonomy and improved communication channels when developing new institutional projects.”
Through the new BU Medical Campus IMP, the University may best address its buildings, public safety, transportation, academic programs, and infrastructure planning in pursuit of evolving healthcare and academic trends.”
The topic of separation had already been addressed when BMC filed its IMP late last year, noting that it had officially separated from filing with BU Medical.
The new IMP would cover 2020-2030 and includes nothing new from the previous plan.
“The University has no current plans to advance specific future projects on the BU Medical Campus,” read the filing. “Should the desire or need for new PIPs arise, such projects will be described in the 2020-2030 IMP or addressed in future IMP Amendments.”
That’s mostly because the greatest expansion projects are now part of the BMC campus, and the fact that the huge Goldman Dental School was taken up in the last IMP – a massive project just now being completed on the campus.
The new IMP includes only one potential building addition – the Albany Fellows student housing project that was approved in the last IMP. In 2012, the University built out a nine-story, 102,126 square-foot building with 104 units for 208 graduate students. However, they are approved for much more housing on the location, which is adjacent to Boston Water and Sewer Commission. There are two more open lots for building and more than 300,000 square feet of area available to build. That will be contemplated to continue in the new IMP.
Members of the BU IMP Task for include:
•Jerome Branch
•Michael Crowley
•Caroline Foscato
•Steve Fox
•Jeffrey Gates
•Matthew LeFancois
•Desmond Murphy
•L. Fernando Requena
The first meeting to review the IMP will be on Thursday, March 19, from 6-8 p.m. in the Goldman Dental School, 635 Albany St. Room 341.

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