Blackstone’s and KitchenWares to Consolidate Under One Roof

Blackstone’s of Beacon Hill and its sister establishment, KitchenWares by Blackstones, will soon consolidate their respective businesses under one roof at 46 Charles St.

“KitchenWares physical location at 215 Newbury St. is disappearing at the end of the month, but both brands will still be represented by their names,” said Jennifer Hill, owner of both businesses.

Blackstone’s of Beacon Hill is scheduled to temporarily close its Charles Street storefront on March 22, for renovations, and when it reopens the weekend of March 28, one half of the 520 square-foot retail space will be dedicated to Blackstone’s while the other half of the store will serve as KitchenWares’ new location. Exterior and window signage will reflect the change by representing both brands as well.

“We’ll be closed, but we’ll still be open for neighborhood needs,” Hill said. “Just knock on the door, call or email, and I’ll be there to provide items from both stores.”

Hill said the consolidation of Blackstone’s and KitchenWares was somewhat inevitable considering how well the two businesses complement each other.

“Customers will get a better experience in a more-enhanced storefront,” Hill said.

For instance, the Charles Street location would soon offer the high-quality brands knives now found at KitchenWares, including cutlery by Wusthof, Henkel, Mac, Global and other top brands.

In addition, the Charles Street store will offer a quicker turnaround for knife sharpening, and long-term plans for 2020 include offering delivery services via Uber Eats.

Hill said the Charles Street store would also offer wedding registry and online ordering for all items.

“We want the new store to be a referral spot for people with cooking questions,” Hill said. “We’ll also offer cooking classes and demos once we’re up and running. It’s all about the in-store experience.”

Moreover, Hill hopes that the faithful customers who have patronized KitchenWares since it opened in April of 2010 will make the trek to the new Charles Street location.

“It’s a pleasant walk through the Esplanade and the Public Garden and not really too far from Newbury Street,” Hill said.

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