Without Meetings, Neighborhood Associations Take a Walk

Staying inside, avoiding close contact with people and a ban on having community meetings has left many neighborhood associations in the South End without much to do.

So, some decided to simply take a walk.

To get some fresh air, to catch up with one another (at a safe distance) and kill the cabin fever, some members of the Chester Square Neighbors decided to hold fresh-air walks. This past Monday at 3 p.m., those without any symptoms or exposure to COVID-19 were invited on the first walk.

“It was so good to be out in the sun and wind,” said President Carol Blair. “I was surprised to find such flowering goodness – and many trees beginning to leaf out. I also noticed it is hard to keep distance from passersby on our narrow sidewalks.”

The first walk included a mile hike around Chester Square and the surrounding streets. They found forsythia, crocus and hearty Evergreen trees.

The Chester Square Neighbors intend to have more walks in the coming days as circumstances permit.

For more information, reply to [email protected] or just show up at an announced walk.

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