Charlestown Company Offers Online Ordering of Produce and Specialty Foods for Next-Day Pickup, Donates Food to Healthcare Workers

Consumers can now order a self-described “chef’s selection” of fresh fruit, vegetables and specialty food online for next-day pickup from a Charlestown-based company.

Located at 18 Bunker Hill Industrial Park, Costa Fruit & Produce is offering its selection of the highest quality produce, artisan cheese, meats and ingredients for online ordering at Monday through Thursday from noon to 4 p.m.

Selections include the 8.5-pound Savenor’s Market Meat Box for $50, with one pound of Savenor’s ground sirloin, two Choice 8-ounce New York strip steaks, a 3.5-pound whole Giannone chicken, one pound of bacon, one pound of boneless skinless chicken breast and one pond of boneless skinless chicken thighs; the Fresh Fruit Box for $25, with one pineapple or melon, six pieces of stone fruit, six apples, six oranges, one container of berries, two pieces of topical fruit and one bag of grapes; the Fresh Veggie Box for $25, with lettuce or greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, two onions, one pound of carrots, two avocados, four squash or zucchini, two peppers and five pounds of potatoes; and the Fresh Produce Box for $40, with one order of lettuce or baby greens, two onions, tomatoes, broccoli, two peppers, two cucumbers, one pineapple or melon, six pieces of stone fruit, six apples, six oranges, one container of berries and one bag of grapes, among other options.

“We hope that by providing an alternative to shopping at a traditional market, we will make it easier for communities to maintain social distancing and still obtain delicious fresh foods,” Manny Costa, the company’s CEO and president said in a press release.

And Costa is also showing its appreciation for the healthcare profession by donating Fresh Nutra-Snack kits to local hospital workers in the Boston area. The kits are produced at Costa’s onsite, SQF certified processing facility and contain fresh fruit, juice and yogurt – all washed, sealed and ready to eat for workers on the go.

“Healthcare workers are putting themselves at risk every day fighting the COVID-19 virus. In appreciation of their heroic selfless effort we are happy to help where we can,” Costa said in a press release.

Costa is also providing their drivers with the snack kits as they service essential workers throughout New England.

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