Letter to the Editor

Leave the Trees

Dear Editor,

I have lived in Roxsie Homes for 41 years. It is unnecessary to cut down these trees. I live right behind Melnea Cass Boulevard and I walk the path in the shade to get my exercise. There are not a lot of people that ride bikes here. Furthermore, this will cause so much damage to the Black/Latino community. This will be a five year project that will cause pollution, noise every day, social and economic destruction to our community. It is enough that we have to endure all this noise and interference with our daily lives on Tremont Street. Now we may have to go through the same thing. I bet if this Boulevard was named Rose Kennedy Boulevard instead of Melnea Cass, they would find another way. Mayor Marty Walsh ought to be ashamed of himself. Keep the trees and honor Melnea Cass Boulevard and Black Lives Matter.

W Lynette Ward-Reid

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