New Excrement Team Gets the Call a Few Times Since Rollout

The City’s new contractor charged with removing human excrement from private property – a service called for in the South End for years and only implemented recently as part of the Mass/Cass 2.0 plan – has only seen sparing use since being activated Oct. 13.

The service has been used five times since being offered to residents, said a mayoral spokesperson.

“So far, we have had five cases of defecation removal in the South End and South Boston area. All cases were resolved within four hours,” said the spokesperson.

If anyone needs help removing human waste from their private property, whether a stoop, garden or alleyway, they need only call 3-1-1 and ask for the defecation removal team. The 3-1-1 crew is trained to route the request to a private contractor that comes out and removes the problem.

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