Letter to the Editor

Progressives Denounce Baker Plan

Charlie Baker’s gratitude toward frontline workers rings hollow in light of his failure to take meaningful action to protect them

No worker should have to choose between their health and their job, but Baker has failed to advocate for emergency paid sick time. No one should go homeless during a pandemic, but Baker has let the eviction moratorium lapse and vetoed essential tenant protections. No one should have to breathe the polluted air that increases the likelihood of disease and death during a pandemic, but Baker has vetoed landmark climate legislation.

Rather than investing in communities so that we can have an equitable recovery from both recession and pandemic, he believes that we should settle for short-changed services that leave us falling ever behind.

The ‘good management’ skills Baker touts have been nowhere on display during COVID, but management skills were never enough. We need good management and good values. Baker, sadly, has shown neither.

Jonathan Cohn

Progressive Massachusetts

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