Janey, Martinez Announce Campaign to Drive Awareness about COVID-19 Vaccine

Acting Mayor Kim Janey held a press conference on April 6, where she and Chief of Health and Human Services Marty Martinez announced the Hope campaign, “a new multilingual public awareness campaign, encouraging residents to get the COVID-19 vaccine when it is their turn,” according to the city.

“Every dose gives us new hope for brighter day ahead,” Janey said as she urged every resident to get vaccinated when they’re able to.

The campaign, led by the Boston Public Health Commission, began last week and is expected to run through June for the first phase. It features a series of advertisements that can be seen in social media, on television, on streaming services, on billboards, and in print.

“The ads feature a diverse group of people who speak a variety of languages and aim to build trust with communities of color and other populations disproportionately impacted by COVID-19,” according to a release from the city. “It will be localized to target specific neighborhoods and reach individuals in their own languages.”

Janey added that the “ads are designed to inspire communities of color and others who are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.”

In a statement, Janey said that “this campaign was created to speak to the heart of what has been missing in our lives and what can be better, if we get vaccinated. Every dose of the COVID-19 vaccine brings us one step closer to putting this pandemic behind us.”

She also said at the press conference that it is “good news that vaccine eligibility is expanding,” and the Equity & Vaccine Access line is available for older residents and residents of color to call for help scheduling a vaccine appointment. The number is 617-635-5555.

Marty Martinez said that the city’s positive test rate as of March 28 was 5.2 percent, which has increased over the past few weeks.

“We’re grateful that those increases in rates and positivity have not been seen in hospital numbers yet,” he said.

He said in a statement that “this vaccine gives us hope as we continue to battle this virus and look forward to life after COVID. The best way to protect yourself, your loved ones and your community is to get the vaccine when it is available to you.”

He also said that that the city is continuing its work to “prioritize communities and residents hardest hit” by the virus.

Martinez said that this week, the city is “expanding mobile vaccination efforts” through more community organizations and partnerships with community providers like the Whittier St. Health Center.

According to the city, as of March 30, 42 percent of those fully vaccinated are people of color, including 11,649 Asian/Pacific Islander residents, 22,328 Black residents, 12,284 Latinx residents, and 175 American Indian/Alaskan Native residents.

In total, 119,218 Boston residents ages 16 years or older are fully vaccinated.

“The latest data shows we’re making progress,” Martinez said.

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