Parcel 25 Adjacent to Ink Block Grabs Six Interesting Bids

Six major development partners put in bids for the plot of land known as Parcel 25 in no-man’s land adjacent to Ink Block in the South End, and abutting Chinatown – with the bids showing downtown Boston’s continued strong market for lab space.

The MassDOT had put out and RFP for the plot of land contains more than one acre of land and air rights development over the Tip O’Neill Tunnel. MassDOT has held on to the land for some years following the Big Dig, and found great interest for residential and lab space in the six proposals submitted this week.

“MassDOT is pleased to report that we have received six (6) proposals for the lease and development of Parcel 25,” said Judith Riley of MassDOT. “MassDOT will now conduct an in-depth review of the proposals as it works toward a designation.”

One of the more interesting proposals for the South End is in a team led by National Development, who has just finished successfully developing Ink Block adjacent to the vacant parcel, but on the other side of some highway infrastructure.

National Development, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Asian Community Development Corp. and Alinea Capital Partners put in a bid with 93 units of housing and 330,000 sq. ft. of lab space.

Officials from National Development were not able to comment due to having a live bid being considered.

Other bids included:

•Brookfield Properties, The Menkiti Group, Hudson Group and Rise Together – with 302 units of residential units and 300,000 sq. ft. of research and development.

•Trinity Financial and Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center  – with 394 units of housing and 13,000 sq. ft. of retail/community space.

•BioMed Realty Acquisition Holdings LLC – with 736,000 sq. ft. of lab space.

•The Peebles Corp. and Genesis Companies (Parcel 25 Zero Greenway LLC) – with 218 residential units and 309,000 sq. ft. of lab space.

•Lupoli Companies – 153 units of housing and 362,000 sq. ft. of lab space.

There was no timeline from MassDOT for a decision on the designation.

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