East Coast Ivy Boutique Opens at 88 Charles St.

East Coast Ivy Boutique, specializing in women’s clothing, accessories and jewelry, held its grand opening on Saturday, July 10, at 88 Charles St. Its owner, Greta Belsole, a Pennsylvania native who now lives on Newbury Street, launched the boutique as an online business last May after she graduated from the College of Charleston, in Charleston, S.C., which proved so successful that it allowed her to open her first brick-and-mortar shop. As for why she settled on Charles Street, Belsole said that Beacon Hill’s historic feel reminds her very much of Charleston. To learn more, visit www.eastcoastivy.com; follow East Coast Ivy Boutique on Facebook, or Instagram @eastcoastivy on; or call the boutique at 717-364-6842.

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