ZBA Approves Conditional-Use Permit for Restaurant on Newbury St. Clinic Space on Northampton St.

The Zoning Board of Appeal (ZBA) on Tuesday approved a conditional use permit for restaurant space at 276-278 Newbury Street in the Back Bay, as well as a conditional use permit for clinic space at 10 Northampton St. in the South End.

276-278 Newbury St.

Attorney Tom Miller said that the project proponent has come before the ZBA to ask for a conditional use permit to operate a restaurant at 276-278 Newbury St., as “the restaurant use is conditional in this subdistrict.”

The proposal is to change the current retail space into a two-floor Italian restaurant. He said that the restaurant operators are “experienced” in the business.

ZBA Chair Christine Araujo said, “…we want to know seats, we want to know accessibility, and we want to know trash.”

Miller said that the indoor capacity is 128, with an additional 40 seats on the exterior patio space located on private property. He said permits for accessibility had been granted during building code review, and the project “meets the full accessibility standards.”

He also said that trash would be stored inside the building, and discussions were had with the Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay (NABB) regarding trash.

Molly Griffin from the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services said that NABB had voted not to oppose the proposal, and the project had also received an approval from the Back Bay Architectural Commission. She said the Mayor’s Office was also in support.

Conrad Armstrong of NABB said that the applicant did meet with the neighborhood organization, and they are not opposed to the proposal because the trash will be kept inside the building.

The ZBA voted to approve the proposal as presented.

10 Northampton St.

Chris Corey, one of the owners of 10 Northampton St., told the ZBA that “we’re seeking out a clinic use,” which is conditional in the area. Currently, the space at 10 Northampton is used solely as office space for Commonwealth Community Care, which also operates clinic space in the building next door at 30 Northampton St.

He said that Commonwealth Community Care needs additional clinic space as part of its primary care practice, as this year, they are “rebranding and expanding their primary care practice.” Corey said that things like podiatry, cardiology, and immunization clinics; “things of that nature don’t work well in a traditional waiting room setting,” so Commonwealth Community Care is seeking to use this space for expansion.

Corey said that there is no proposed construction for the change in use, and the project has received letters of support from the Worcester Square Area Neighborhood Association and the Newmarket Business Association.

The current office space has been used as such for six years, Corey said. He added that there was an earlier idea to use the space as a substance abuse clinic, but “that’s definitely not something we’re looking to do here under any circumstances. This is going to be a primary care support space for their practice next door at 30 Northampton St.,” he said.

The clinic hours will be from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday, and there are 47 parking spaces on site. “Most of their patients come via The Ride or other van services to transfer,” Corey said. “They do have parking next door at 30 Northampton St,” he said, adding that there are “definitely no issues with parking.”

The Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services is in support of the proposal “under the condition that it is not used for recovery services,” said mayor’s liaison Kim Crucioli. She said an abutters meeting was held where no residents expressed opposition.

The ZBA voted to approve the proposal as presented with the proviso that the space is for clinic and office use only.

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