Zoning Board Approves Three Projects in the Back Bay

The Zoning Board of Appeal (ZBA) on Tuesday approved several projects in the Back Bay, including one at 705-711 Boylston St. for the relocation of Capital One bank, one at 217 Newbury St. to remove provisional restaurant take out use, and one at 247 Newbury St. to add a gym to the existing space.

705-711 Boylston St.

Attorney Dennis Quilty proposed a change of location for the Capital One with Peet’s Coffee, which currently exists at the corner of Fairfield and Boylston Streets, to the former Tannery building at 705-711 Boylston St. across the street from the Lenox Hotel.

Quilty said that the lease at the current location is up, and the bank operators have sought out this new location. Conrad Armstrong from the Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay (NABB) said that the organization met with the applicant and is not opposed to the change in location.

The ZBA voted to approve this proposal as is.

217 Newbury St.

The applicant for 217 Newbury St. said that “we are trying to remove the take out use granted to this petitioner,” as a new tea store called Super Emoji is taking over the location and the previous language needs to be removed. There will be no work done for the new store.

“Please make sure you check in with the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services so you get very familiar with the takeout language,” ZBA Chair Christine Araujo said.

Molly Griffin from the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services said that the applicant met with NABB, which did not oppose this, and the Mayor’s Office is also in support.

The ZBA voted to “approve with the usual takeout language for this applicant only.”

247 Newbury St.

At 247 Newbury St., applicant Romel Sanday said that he has recently rented the space where an iPhone repair store was previously located. He said his intentions are to leave the floor plan as is and install rubber flooring and turf for his private training classes.

The hours of operation for the gym will be 7am to 8pm on weekdays and 7am to 6pm on weekends.

Sanday said his classes are by appointment only, and are for one-on-one training or small group classes only. He said he “does not expect more than six people, including myself, in the studio at one time.”

Since there are residential units above this space, ZBA Chair Christine Araujo asked if there will be any “noise reduction materials.”

Sanday said that he will install foam, adding that “the landlord did instruct me that all the flooring and ceilings are sound proof.” He also said he is aware of the 70 decibel limit for the area, which he will abide by when it comes to his speakers.

Molly Griffin of the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services said that an abutters meeting for this proposal was held on July 7, where there were “no major concerns raised from abutters.” She added that the applicant has met with NABB, which did not oppose the proposal. She said that the Mayor’s Office is also in support of the proposal.

The ZBA voted to approve the proposal as presented.

A correction has been made to this story, as the Lenox Hotel had been incorrectly referred to as the “former Lennox Hotel.”

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